Aveiro and Cologne lead both groups in the female Championship

Valencia knocks out Aksaray and Ovidius recovers yesterday’s defeat with a wide victory against Primorska

The third day of the European Universities Handball Championship’s female category closed with some fascinating stories. The German Sport University Cologne (Germany) goes up to the first position of Group B after achieving a great triumph against Oslo (Norway). The duel remained tight until the half time (9-9). In the second time, the Norwegian coach made use of the “empty goal”, a new rule that allows playing with seven field players and leave the goalkeeper in the bench to attack with a greater number of players. The German team adjusted its defensive system and stole balls that allowed it to perform quick counterattacks. Also, the few times the Nordic team lost the ball helped the Germans impose their victory (15-24).

In Group A, Aveiro (Portugal) keeps winning in its second show on the court. They defeated Ovidius (Romania) by a goal yesterday and, in the second turn at the CTA, they managed to impose their game to the Turkish team of Akdeniz in the last minute. At the same time, the team from Ovidius regained their confidence beating Primorksa (Slovenia), since they hammered them (32-44).

And in the first turn at the Argüelles, Valencia managed to get back on course after beating (31-21) Aksaray University, which adds to its history the third defeat and only aspires now to make it to semifinals. The Spanish team still has options to fight until the end to reach the first position in Group A. The task is rather epic, since they cannot fail anymore in the next two matches.