Accommodation for participants

The 4 star Antequera Hotel, where the main organisation headquarters will be located, is situated right in front of the Maulí Sports Centre, 400 metres away from the Fernando Argüelles Municipal Sports Complex and 500m away from the Technified Indoor Athletics Sports Centre.


It has 180 bedrooms, 12 lounges and an outdoor swimming pool, gardens and terraces, a SPA and Fitness centre, medical service, football pitches and an 18-hole golf course, an indoor garage and open-air car park, piano bar, cafeteria, buffet and 'à la carte' restaurants, a disco, hair-dressing salon, shops...


The 3 star Las Villas de Antikaria Hotel, where participants will also stay, is located in the northern part of the city. It's equipped with 33 rooms, ample social room, reading root and solarium, with spectacular views of the Antequera Valley.


Accommodation for EUSA members and referees

The accomodation for the referees will be located at the 4 star Finca Eslava Hotel, a stately andalusian country house from the 18th century, placed in a rural environment and close to Antequera City, boasting gardened areas, external yards, restaurants, spa and a leisure and sport centre.


All the sports facilities can be reached from the different hotels on foot, but a shuttle service will also be available for all the participants.


We are still working on the accommodation, so it is possible for additional hotels to be added when the date of the Championship is closer. Those additional accomodation options will be chosen while trying to keep an uniform level of quality among them.


Distribution of the teams in the hotels will be decided according to their registration date, rooms distribution and safety concerns.