Málaga, capital of the province of the same name, is the fifth most populated city in Spain. It is located in the south of the Iberian Peninsula, in a privileged spot. The city covers 398.25 square kilometres and has a population of almost 568,000 inhabitants, although almost a million people live in the metropolitan area.


The main environmental and geographical factors that have affected the city's evolution and development are maritime influences, its location in two river valleys (the Guadalhorce and the Guadalmedina), its topographic relief and its climate.


Whilst the Mediterranean Sea bathes the Málaga coastline, the Málaga Mountains close ranks behind the city to form a barrier of peaks that protects it from the cold, while the regulating effect of the sea gives the area its characteristically mild temperatures. The hottest months are July and August. December and February are usually the coldest. The average temperatures fall between a maximum of 22.8° C and a minimum of 13° C. Rainfall in Málaga follows the seasons, with the most abundant rainfalls occurring in autumn and winter.


Visitors will find endless gastronomic delights on the coast of Malaga. Small fish (anchovies, red mullet, mackerel, squid and baby squid) served fried are the hallmark dish in a cuisine which is characterised by its simple presentation and its exquisite tastes. The prawns from the bay, the clams and the boiled or grilled Dublin Bay prawns all have a special flavour.


In the interior of the province you will find delicious cured meats and hearty fare: kid with garlic, fried kid, hare... There are countless recipes for gazpacho in Malaga: ajoblanco (with garlic and almonds), porra antequerana, gazpachuelo (with fish)... The locally-produced wines, made from raisins and muscatel grapes, and the Pedro Ximénez sweet wine are internationally renowned.


A whole universe of flavours to be enjoyed by visitors to this ancient land.


City of Málaga

Area 398.25 km2.
Population 567,433 inhabitants.


Useful telephone numbers


  • National Police (Emergency) 091
  • Guardia Civil 062
  • Local Police (Emergency) 092
  • Fire Brigade 080


  • Health Emergency 061
  • All Emergencies 112


  • Airport Information: +34 952 04 84 84


  • RENFE Information and reservation Telephone +34 902 24 02 02


  • Agrupación Local y Provincial de Taxis de Málaga (Málaga Local and Provincial Taxi Association) +34 952 34 56 93
  • Unitaxi +34 952 33 33 33
  • Taxi Unión +34 952 04 08 04 / +34 952 04 00 90
  • Instituto Municipal del Taxi (Taxi Municipal Institute) Information +34 952 12 20 40