Dear Friends,

I am happy to greet you at the 9th European Universities Handball Championship in
Antequera, Spain!


On behalf of the whole EUSA community, I would like to express my gratitude for inviting European student-athletes here. It’s a wonderful occasion to be together and experience the beauty of sport. I am pleased to see so many sport lovers, who share values of fair play, equal opportunities and education, promoted by EUSA.


European Universities Championships 2017 organized in 19 sports make it possible for student-athletes to get to know each other and challenge their skills in a friendly atmosphere. During such events we do more than just sport – we broaden our horizons, get to know other cultures, we promote healthy mind in a healthy body.


Being an organizer of such an event is challenging but rewarding. I know it’s a hard task, and I want to express my appreciation to the Organizing Committee and its partners for the great job they have done. And of course, my gratitude to the authorities for their auspices of this event.


I believe that this Championship will bring the participants positive experiences and good results. I am sure that the athletes will compete in a fair play manner, respecting the rules and their opponents and please the spectators with their performance.


I hope you will enjoy your stay, your achievements and your time spent in Antequera!


Good luck!


Adam Roczek

EUSA President




As chancellor of the University of Malaga I would like to give the most sincere and cordial welcome to all the participants of the 9th European Universities Handball Championship 2017.


The cultural impression established since the antiquity, after successive colonization, has favoured our extraordinary reception capacity, hospitality and kindness, which, joined to the mildness of the weather, will create truly social harmony during the competition days.


Without any doubts, the sport aspects will be enriched by the twinning of the athletes belonging to the several participant countries.


I would like to thank the faith that the European University Sports Association (EUSA) has put on us for the organization of this great Championship, responsibility that we assume by establishing a commitment of effort and hard work in order to get the celebration to get the highest brilliance.


It is fair to recognize the altruistic work of our volunteers students, and the huge work carried out by the organization technicians, because without their collaboration it would not be possible to successfully culminate this magnificent challenge.


I wish all the authorities, technicians, referees and athletes a pleasant stay in the city of Antequera, host city of our University in this Championship, with the knowledge that they will be quickly integrated and the hope that they will be the true protagonists of this way of understanding life that we call sports.


José Ángel Narváez Bueno
Chancellor of the University of Málaga


I would like to give my warmest welcome to the participants of the European Universities Handball Championship 2017. Welcome to Spain and Antequera, a country and a city that are both welcoming and sportive to the core.


The Championship will be an exclusive opportunity that will allow everyone involved in the Championship to enjoy sport competition during the month of July. Due to the competition level and what it means in regards to life experiences, and, of course, the compromise and dedication to sport proved by the University of Malaga, I’m sure this Championship will be an organizational success that will showcase us as leaders in European university sport.


I would like to acknowledge the University of Malaga, the Antequera City Council, the European University Sports Association (EUSA), the sponsors and the collaborating organizations’ involvement in this Championship as well as their support to university sport. The presence of sport and physical activity is essential for our students to grow into well-rounded individuals, and it is our task not only to encourage its practice, but also to make it a life-long habit. I’m positive that initiatives like this Championship are key to our goal of settling sports lifestyles, something that is yet another cause for celebration for the High Council for Sport, besides, of course, the always exciting competition.


Again, I’d like to give you my warmest welcome.


José Ramón Lete Lasa
President of the High Council for Sport
President of the Spanish University Sports Committee