The sport of Handball will be avaiable here in Antequera to all people who meet EUSA requirements, willing to participate in this championship. According to the available accomodations, and the adding of the amount of competition and playing grounds that we can make use of, we would be able to take 12 male teams and 12 female teams, the maximum number established by the competition.


This quantity of teams, would be the adequate number in order to elaborate a perfect series of schedules: training and matches, and to assure the number of trainings that each team would need per competition day.


Antequera has a long tradition of handball at all levels, counting with a great amount of players coming through the rank and a huge number of players, as a part of teams of all the categories, and of all ages. Antequera even counts with a team which played in the ASOBAL league less than 10 years ago.


In addition, the University of Malaga, in colaboration with the City Council of Antequera, promotes the project "UMA Handball 2017", making the most of the celebration of  the Spanish University Championship of 2015 and the World University Handball Championship 2016.


The Universtity of Malaga Sports Area directs the project, putting together all the effort of several spheres, like the City Council of Antequera through its Sport Patronate, the Spanish Handball Federation and the sponsoring cluster of Antequera, among many others, making aliances that assure the organizational success.


Competition Dates

1st July



2nd July

General Technical meeting.


3rd July

Opening ceremony


3rd - 7th July 

Competition and Training days


8th July

Final day of competition

Closing ceremony.


9th July 






The Opening and Closing ceremonies will be held at the Fernando Argüelles Sports Hall. Attendance will be mandatory for all the members of the delegations, and they will have to participate on it. The teams will be notified of the pick-up times, as they will be given transportation from their respective hotels to the ceremony venue. All delegations shall march behind their countries' flags. When each delegation finishes marching, they will be taken to the court, so they can continue observing the development of the ceremony. The highest authorities will also be part of this ceremony, participating with their speeches and words of support.


The OC will also organize an official reception dinner for the heads of delegations at the five star Hotel Convento La Magdalena. Representatives from each team shall attend to the event, along with part of the Organizing Committee, the sponsoring companies cluster and the authorities and guests.


The closing ceremony will also take place at the Fernando Argüelles Sports Hall. The same way as in the opening ceremony, all the teams and their components must be an active part of the ceremony. We will offer a parade with all the participant countries and a magnificent award giving ceremony, when we will hand the bronze, silver and gold medals, but also awards to the top goal scorers, best goalkeepers, or best all-star team, all of them in masculine and feminine categories.



Cups 1st, 2nd, 3rd Team European Universities Champion
Medals 1st, 2nd, 3rd Team (athletes, officials) European Universities Champion
Other Awards

Fair Play

Most Valuable Player




Most Valuable Player