Suceava and Cologne beat Duisburg and Aveiro and end up Champions of the EUSA Handball 2017

Montpellier and Radboud win the bronze medal after defeating Frankfurt and Akdeniz

The Romanian university Stefan cel Mare of Suceava surprised everybody and won the male Championship after surpassing the University of Duisburg-Essen, the favorite given the previous results. In the female final, there has been no surprise, as Cologne hammered Aveiro with no difficulties.

The match for the gold in the male category almost gave the audience a heart attack. The Romanian team, which had lost in the groups phase to its today’s rival, has been the biggest surprise of the Championship beating the University of Duisburg-Essen.

Throughout the match, the German forward players had trouble overcoming the Romanian towers, and after the first 30 minutes, Stefan Cel Mare was leading 14-9.
Then, between the minutes 12 and 17, Duisburg-Essen was able to transform everything and opened the game again (17-16). Thirteen minutes to the end, everything could happen, and the key moves happened in the last three minutes, that had everybody on the edge of their seats until the very end, when the scoreboard (23-22) gave the Championship to Stefan Cel Mare.

Regarding the female competition, the University of Cologne beat Aveiro in what turned out to be a German-controlled game from the very beginning. The Portuguese tried to come back but couldn’t make it, and the final scoreboard showed the clear superiority of Cologne (30-41), that ended up being the female Champions.

Regarding the bronze medals, in the male competition the team from Montpellier beat Frankfurt in a match that was also very exciting. Both teams played well but the French remained calmer when they needed to, and that translated into the final result of 27-25. In the female competition, it was Radboud who stole the medal to Akdeniz by a wild margin (16-33). The Dutch girls celebrated their victory tiredlessly with their families and Friends that had been cheering them from the very beginning of the Championship.