The University of Malaga hammers Barcelona and gets the 5th position in the male ranking

Valencia beats the hosts and ends up in the 7th position in the female ranking


The morning session of the EUSA Handball 2017’s last competition day brought us two national rivalry matches—the University of Malaga vs. University of Valencia match in the female category and the University of Malaga vs. University of Barcelona match in the male category.


Regarding the female category, Valencia and Malaga opened the last competition day with a beautiful match at 9:30 at the CTA venue. They were competing for the 7th position in the female ranking. Both teams offered a great show and closed their participation with a very serious match that ended up with the Valencians’ victory (14-21).

At the same time at El Maulí venue, Aksaray University (Turkey) pushed Primorska to the last position in the ranking with the score 32-47. The losing team has been defeated by an average of 47 goals per match, but, at the same time, its player Lea Krajnc, with 64 goals scored, is leading the top scorers list in the female category.

At 11:30 at the same venue, the Romanians from Ovidius played against Oslo for the fifth and sixth positions. During the whole first half, the Romanian team led the scoreboard, but in the second half the Norwegian team came back. The Romanian team didn’ t know how to react as the Norwegians kept stretching their advantage, and the match finally ended in 24-28.

In the male category, the Spanish teams of Malaga and Barcelona faced each other at the CTA. The University of Malaga dominated the game all along and finally beat the University of Barcelona 34-27. This way, the University of Malaga ends up 5th in the ranking and Barcelona holds the 6th position. Also, Rzeszow (Poland) played today against Basel (Switzerland) and got the 7th and 8th positions in the ranking, respectively.

Finally, the last four positions of the male competition were decided yesterday, being Split (Croatia), Minho (Portugal), Porto (Portugal) and Marmara the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th in the ranking, respectively.